CAS for retailers - new release!

CAS for retailers is a web framework for modern online retailers offering a wide range of marketing applications including product management, market analysis, Business Intelligence and predictive modeling.

instant competition browsing through CAS/R

Dynamic pricing
Design dynamic pricing schemes, implementing automatic price adaptation on controllable sets of products, according to parameterized business logic against market/ competition data. Segment Designer ensures an interactive, user-friendly process for designing custom dynamic pricing schemes.

‘Real time’ market monitor
A powerful online component offering systematic market refresh for selected product categories or against hot-lists of products. ’Market monitor’ comes with a range of statistics, dashboards and KPIs providing access to market insight and competitive intelligence.

Campaign Management
A range of tools for creating, executing and analyzing customer campaigns. Segment Designer can be used for the generation of intelligent target groups, utilizing a wide range of customer information, buying patterns, on-line usage patterns, even predictions from data mining models.

Instant Offering
Installable in-browser component, navigating your existing customers back to your online store, through controllable offerings and personalized messages, served based on user’s activity on the web.

Advanced reporting package
Set of advanced reports providing standardized access to market data, analytics and statistical information.

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