CAS version 3.1 in final development stage

Our brand new version of Competition Analysis System (CAS) for telecoms to be released shortly, featuring advanced campaign management functionality: new generation campaign management module supports a stepwise, interactive definition of complex campaigns (both in terms of target group design and execution logic). CAS brand new CM module supports inbound and outbound campaigns across a wide range of execution channels. Reporting and analytical functionality make this platform the single point of reference regarding corporate campaigning. As a campaign manager you can use CAS/CM module through several scenarios like: 

Designing your target group 
CAS/CM utilizes datamine’s Segment Designer as the rule definition toolkit for the formation of complex target groups. In combination with interactive customer profile analysis against dimensions selected by the business user, CAS/CM module makes target group design and analysis an ease/interactive process.

Execution Planning & Monitoring 
Every customer within a campaign is assigned one or more communication channel. The platform supports complex campaign execution scenarios, featuring the organization of each release action in smaller packages – waves - each having differentiated execution channel and/ or time planning. Synchronization processes contact on a regular basis the communication channels in order to gather progress information and ‘close the loop’ by writing back customer responses. This allows monitoring through KPIs and specialized reports and dashboards.

Reporting & Analytics 
the campaign management module focuses on performance analytics & reporting. It utilizes OLAP models which enable campaign insight and the identification of factors, demographics, resources involved or other attributes related to campaign performance. Via suitable integration, CAS/CM module extends existing Business Intelligence/ Customer Analytics infrastructure through systematic campaign and customer response data feeds

We are all excited towards the commercial release of CAS 3.1!

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